Sunday, January 24, 2016

News on the Grotto /Death of a Friend

From Thomas Fahy:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Life of the Divine Will,
We had a splendid day today, here in Garabandal. The weather was warm and sunny! A lot different than back home in much of the USA.
Because it was sunny today, I took some pictures of the Grotto, which is mostly complete after weather delays, etc.  Two pictures are attached. Unfortunately, I waited too late, and the sun cast a shadow over part of the Grotto.  The flooring needs some more cleaning up after the grouting of the tiles.
We still have to hire an electrician to install outlets and lights. We have a blacksmith coming tomorrow to take measurements for installing decorative railing on top of two sides of the Grotto, which will also serve as safety feature. He will also take measurement to install a decorative metal door at the entrance way.
Also, tomorrow, we will have some loads of gravel brought in to cover the large, general parking area in front the House of Sanctification. Then, appropriate furniture and decorative items will put the finishing touch. So, as you can see we are still open for some providence to help with the costs. I think $2000 - $3000 more will cover these
extra expenses.
The Statue of Our Lady will be the Center Piece of The Grotto. I am pretty sure that the pledges and donations specifically for the statue are already sufficient. Thank you dearly.
I have done intensive investigation into the making of statues for outdoors and should soon make the decision on the statue we will obtain.
In another matter, we learned that a friend of ours, José Maria, here in Garabandal died this evening, possibly while we were saying the Rosary. He was about 71, from what I was told. He was a big help when we opened the House of Sanctification in the year 2000 on June 1. He also was very helpful in several ways over the years.
Please join us in prayers for his speedy entrance into the Enjoying Mode of the Divine Will in Heaven.

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