Wednesday, August 19, 2015


By Dr. William Gould
Director, Russian Garabandal Ctr.
From The 101 Times

As of the day of this writing . . . the Warning remains a prophecy. Its fulfillment is in the future. I am therefore describing certain events whose occurrence will constitute the fulfillment of this prophecy.


The first event is prophesied to be something external in the sky, its exact nature unspecified, but which, like the great flash of a close flying meteor, will be startling and will definitely get our attention.


The scene then shifts to our internal world. Normal time and space orientations will be suspended, and all people throughout the world will find themselves in a totally absorbing one-on-one meeting with God. It will be an "out of body" experience which will take place entirely in the spiritual realm.
We will understand that we are before our Maker. God will give us a complete review of our lives to date, and we will see the true results of  our actions as well as their immediate and longer term consequences, both for good and for evil.


We will be convinced that the evidence is totally valid and fairly presented, and then God will give us a "mini-judgment." God calls it a "mini-judgment" because it will reflect the outcome of our lives if they were to end at that moment.
The judgment will be in the form of a self-assignment to one of three places--Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. Nearly all souls not choosing and deserving Hell, will be choosing and deserving Purgatory. We will then return to our pre-Warning state of being, to our "old selves," but with this difference: without exception, we will have been exhorted to improve our lives.


The "clock time" of these events is expected to be quite short, just a matter of minutes. In varying degrees, the recognition of the true nature of our relationship to our God and the real meaning of the events of our lives will be shocking and painful to us. Nevertheless, God has not designed the Warning to be the cause of anyone's death.
It is to be just that--a warning, thus implying a free will choice by us to come afterwards, to reset the course of our lives according to our response. Of course, God is hoping that we will heed the Warning, adjusting our lives so that we benefit from receiving it.


"Warning" is the English translation of the Spanish "Aviso." Native speakers of Spanish have commented that aviso is Spanish has the same breadth of meaning as "warning in English, ranging from the serious but not necessarily exhaustive "travel advisory" to the stern, bolder print WARNING! on a bottle of poison.
Yet the weighted average tone in Spanish is apparently more neutral than the implication of some danger which we typically associate with the English word "warning."


In English, we can distinguish between the verbs "to advise" and "to warn" by observing that our advice to someone may emphasize the speaker's role going forward as being in continuing relationship to the person advised.
The act of "warning," on the other hand, may be stressing the recipient's role in forming his own personal response to the matter at hand. This distinction can be helpful if we consider that everyone accepting this Warning from God will be anticipating His continuing and loving advice.
Such a prophecy was made by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. She named it "Aviso." From 1961 to 1965, She appeared over 2000 times to four girls at their village of Garabandal in the Cantabrian mountains of Spain. At different times, She spoke to each of three of the girls about the Warning, and in particular to Mari Loli Mazon (R.I.P. 2009).
Thus, although brief references to such a future event can be identified in the writings of Bl. Edmund Campion (1540-1581) and Bl. Anna-Maria Taigi (1769-1837), who also spoke of a worldwide "illumination of conscience," we can say that the prophecy of the Warning was made by Our Lady of Garabandal.


A political sign of the times indicates that a "Communist Tribulation precedes the Great Tribulation." The Russian Garabandal-Center, founded in 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia, has provided a detailed analysis of Russia now being a pseudo "post-communist" state, in which an elite of the former Communist Party currently rules with consolidated KGB power and a diabolical disguise for completing their undercover plans for establishing totalitarian rule throughout the world.
It is here that we see the role of the communists, with or without the upper case "C," figures effectively as the visible force preparing the way for the short triumph of up-coming supernatural evil.


Our Lady said that if we do not repent, "Russia will spread her errors throughout the world." This era has been called the "Age of Mary" because of the frequency of Marian apparitions everywhere. Nonetheless, despite the great increase in the visibility of Mary's role, the world has remained essentially unchanged from Her last recorded words in The Gospel according to St. Luke, "Do whatever He tells you."

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