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She Went in Haste to the Mountain (Page 124)

“The Warning will be a purification, a preparation for the Miracle.”

November 1

Feast of All Saints. To make use of extra free
time, Conchita and the Sister spoke for a long time, taking as a topic the life of the blessed in heaven and what they should do to get there.
— One day in an apparition with the Virgin, we were wearing hairshirts, although very loose. In order that she would notice that we were wearing them, we felt them from time to time. She said to us, Yes, I know that you are wearing them; but that is not exactly what I ask from you, or what pleases me the most, but rather FAITHFULNESS IN EVERYDAY LIFE.
Once she also said, If you see an angel and a priest together, you should first show respect to the priest.
I asked the Virgin, Will the end of the world be during the time of these future happenings? She answered me, No, the end of the times.
The Warning will be a purification, a preparation for the Miracle, and everyone will see it. It will make people aware of the evil that they do with their sins.
English: Pope Paul VI
English: Pope Paul VI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After Paul VI, there will be only two more popes; and after that, the end of the times.(3) I told the date of the Miracle to Cardinal Ottaviani and the Pope's confessor. The Pope gave me the impression of being an oppressed person, as if restrained by the cardinals and the hierarchy.

The Miracle will show the great love of God.

November 3

— After his death Fr. Luis Andreu taught me
to pray the Hail Mary in Greek. We heard his voice during an ecstasy; but we didn't see him.
Also he told me a message for his brother, and a French song, which I don't remember anymore, although Fr. Ramón knows it by heart.
He told us how they had buried him . . .

His voice was the same as when he was alive.

November 6

The sister spoke to Conchita about detachment,
about the need for her to restrain herself in the satisfaction of her desires . . .
— I was surrounded with so many ridiculous tastes and received so many gifts that I became accustomed to waste things . . . But I understand what I ought to do and know that you are telling me this for my own good.
Today a newspaper in Burgos came out with the events of Garabandal; but they didn't tell where I am.
Are you happy when you see that they publicize it?
— Before, very much. Now, as if it weren't my affair, as if it were something completely separated from me.
The people pray that the Miracle will take place. Don't you see that this is foolish? It will take place whether they pray or not. I only request that the message be fulfilled. Many pray for the Miracle in order that others, who have not believed, will be put down. This doesn't seem good to me. I think that my mother is anxious for the Miracle to come in order to be free from doubts and worry . . . It's wonderful to love God and to have faith, without seeing anything. I would like to do it that way, but . . .
God is patient; He gives us light by steps. The Virgin taught you slowly, but never showed herself displeased, isn't that right?
— No, never! We never saw her that way, even when she was speaking to us about the Chastisement. We have seen the Chastisement, did you know that? But whether or not it will take place, that depends. when we told her our faults, she was silent.
When saying good-bye, she kissed us, and it was like this . . . We didn't feel any physical contact and at the same time we weren't able to advance further, since there was something there that prevented us from doing it.
We wanted to touch, and our hand didn't touch anything on arriving at her, nor was it able to continue further. We held the Child Jesus in our arms, and we felt no weight, nor did we feel any physical contact; but He was there.
The Virgin told us one day that she put perfume on the sides of her sandals while she was living on earth . . .
The Virgin never wept, although the people cried with us when they saw us weep. On seeing the Virgin, tears escaped from us many times; but it was from emotion.
At the time of the prediction of the Chastisement, the whole village confessed.
November 8

— Helping others has done me much good.
When I visited the hospitals, I noticed that I benefited. Then I remembered the things that attracted me at other times — like amusements, fine clothes — and I saw that they weren't worth the trouble.
— Suffering leads to God.

— Yes; but also joy. Joys have helped me
many times. I think of heaven — how good to be there! The first thing that I'm going to do is embrace the Virgin and the THREE(4) very hard.
God does exceptional things, isn't that so? And the people don't respond well.
I recall many times what happened in my village. We saw many cases of hysteria. They touched my body, thinking that they would be cured . . . And there were even those who didn't go there because they believed that I read consciences. That made me laugh. How was I going to read consciences? The things that I said to certain people at the time were told to me by the Virgin.
The Sister showed a picture of a holy card that attempted to show the Virgin as she appeared at Garabandal:
— Heavens! What this does to me! exclaimed Conchita.
We laughed — noted the Sister — and she described again how she saw the Virgin, with such exactness that she said nothing different from what she had repeated so many times. She spoke at times of everything as if her ‘denials’ had not existed. This is really marvelous, and at the same time there is a tremendous mystery here, indescribable.

3. The Warning, the Miracle, the Chastisement, the End of Times will come out in detail in the upcoming chapters.

4. This surely refers to the three persons of the Blessed
Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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