Thursday, March 26, 2015

She Went in Haste to the Mountain (Page 68)

“the sensation that we surely have her there—in front of our hand.”

Behind the Mystery,
Our Lady

Here I would like to say something about Garabandal using someone else’s words.

"Garabandal has the same spiritual theme as the other great Marian apparitions approved by the Church.
Our Lady has come on the earth one more time because she is a Mother not only for the visionaries and for a few chosen souls, but for the whole world—this world which is becoming worse, as Loli has said.
At San Sebastián de Garabandal, tears do not flow from the Virgin’s eyes as they did at La Salette. Instead she has chosen four innocent young girls. Through these children, all generous souls are called to partake of the Virgin’s solicitude for the world.
One day the children in ecstasy recited the rosary under the Virgin’s direction and said, ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, pray for us sinners.’ Mary, the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus, lived from the manger to Calvary with her Son and for her Son. She knew the prophecies and the aged Simeon had enlightened her about the sword of sorrows that would one day pierce her heart.
During Christ’s life Mary lived with serenity of soul and anguish of heart. Mary’s compassion for her Son was a thing so deeply moving that it is almost necessary to be a sorrowful mother oneself to comprehend it.

More than others, the tragic spirit of the Spanish people seems to have penetrated into this mystery. In Spain we see statues of Our Lady clothed in black, and of the Virgin pierced with seven swords, holding in her hands a cloth to collect her tears.
Our Lady of Sorrows, El Viso del Alcor, Seville, Spain.
From Wikipedia

Why does she weep?

It was in Bethlehem, the gospel says in speaking of the birth of Christ, that Mary brought into the world her first born Son. Her first-born Son? Actually her motherhood did not end with her Son Jesus; at the cross, she became the mother of all innumerable sinful human beings. After being the sorrowful mother at the foot of the cross, she remains the suffering mother who fears losing the children that Jesus had given her on Calvary.
Now, perhaps more than at any other period of history she sees the de-Christianization of entire countries. At Fatima she showed the three children many souls falling into hell. Few listened! Can we not understand then why she calls to the world at Garabandal to hear her message, in order to save it from the chastisement that she fears for it?

At Garabandal the children were astounded one day by the attitude of the Virgin, and Mari Cruz asked her, You too . . . you pray too? They did not yet understand that—after having joined with the angel in praising the Virgin full of grace— our Hail Marys ask her to pray for us sinners.
She knows that a terrible chastisement can fall upon her children on earth if they do not convert. She makes an almost desperate effort to warn us, to implore us to prevent our souls from falling into hell and our bodies from being chastised. She then entreats us to pray for the world with her.
Our Mother in Heaven stands before the throne of God. She asks devoted souls, her little children, and those that resemble them to join her prayer and pray with her to snatch the victory from Satan, and gain the triumph that Jesus wants to grant her."

(Star on the Mountain)

Yes it is she, the mother concerned for her children,
who is beyond the mist and mystery of Garabandal.