Saturday, January 3, 2015

She Went in Haste to the Mountain (Important Warnings)


1. This book is not presented under any pretense of pronouncing a final judgment on the nature—natural or supernatural—of these events that do not fall in the normal range of affairs. An attempt is being made simply to present an objective reporting of the facts; but always through the eyes of faith, without which there is no way of understanding them.

2. Regardless of what some may say and others think, the Church has never made a decision on the things that happened at San Sebastián de Garabandal. Rome, the highest ecclesiastical authority, has persistently refused to give its opinion despite heavy pressures from both sides, and perhaps especially from the side of those who are opposed. And if the diocesan chancery has not proceeded in the same way, these things should be pointed out:
A) The negative pronouncements made by the bishop of Santander have always been informative remarks or opinions (notas), without ever being an official “documento” with the canonical formalities required to make the cause “judged”.
B) The diocesan chancery, when pronouncing a judgement on things related to its authority, is able to err; and falling into error, can lead others into the same; demonstrations of this sort are not rare in the history of the Church.
C) In the same way diocesan chancery could act inadroitly and show bias in handling the affair.

3) Nothing then prevents a Christian from believing in his heart the truth about Garabandal, if there are good reasons for believing.

4) Whoever takes this book into his hands should take care to begin the reading with a pure heart, for it is promised to the pure of heart that “they will see God”; and without impatience, so as not to miss any important matters. Interrupting the reading with pauses for thought is the best way to proceed.

[To be continued]

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