Monday, November 17, 2014

Rest in Peace Albrecht

Rest in Peace Albrecht | WHAT IS GARABANDAL?

It is with great sadness that I learned today the death of Albrecht Weber yesterday November 15, 49 years after his famous interview with Conchita in November 14, 1965, I was informed that Albretch will be buried at Garabandal, a great honor for this soldier of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as he will be only the second non-Spaniard to have this great honor after Mrs Bocabeille, the mother of my friend Bastiano who arranged my marriage in Garabandal, 
But how I cannot also see a sign from heaven with this sad news, having published on this blog few days ago only, surely some of the last words from Albrecht given to one of my readers last May in Garabandal.
Precisely, it is with Bastiano that I discussed before publishing this testimony, to get also the informed opinion of one of our greatest Garabandalist.
For your information, Bastiano will republish the book of his mother Mrs Bocabeille about Garabandal, he will add also his own opinion about the Church and with his authorization, I will publish the best part of this book on this blog but I already can tell that Albrecht was not walking alone.
Albrecht has always been an obedient son of the Catholic Church, he also had the great honor to have received few compliments words from Saint Pope John Paul II about his famous Garabandal book "the Finger of God".
Rest in Peace Albrecht and over there from Heaven, please Pray also for me my Brother.