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Cured in Garabandal

Cured in Garabandal -

Cured in Garabandal !
The interview took place in Garabandal just few days after my wedding so August 12th 2013, I interviewed the Lady in English, the questions have been translated to her in Spanish by an American Priest who helped me for the interview, so I thank him again for his help, he did not gave me the authorization to add his name online, too humble surely but I am able to add that he was helping Father Rolando, the current Priest of Garabandal, during the Mass in the village and gave me communion, God Bless you Father.
Question : Can you introduce yourself briefly and what is your relation with Garabandal ?
I heard about Garabandal from my friends in Granada (Spain) only 3 years ago. My first trip in Garabandal was in 2010 on the feast of Corpus Cristi. I was quite sick during my first visit; many different diseases( I had been sick for at least 10 Years) specificlly from the back (Espondiloartropatia Seronegativa HLA B27+, Espondiloartrosis, Gonartrosis, and Fibromialgia Phase 5), it was difficult for me to walk and to sleep. I needed help from my husband to get up from bed, to turn during the night, to go to the bathroom, to get dressed….etc…. Everyday I had to take about 7 different medicines, the pain was awful.
During all my trips in Garabandal, I never thought to ask anything of the Lady and never thought that I would be cured. None-the-less I frequently felt a strong call to return.
My 8th trip in Garabandal was the most painful one. I was feeling really bad and on August 13th 2012, I came down from my bedroom, I went to have breakfast and an interior voice told me not to take pills anymore. I went to Mass, then to the Pines with the help of my husband as usual, it was very difficult to climb, almost impossible. When I arrived at the Pines, suddenly I thought I was going to fall down, I did not have the strength even to speak. I thought I was going to die. It was a beautiful day, suddenly I heard the voices of the people around me as they were coming from very far away. With my husband’s help, I started to go back from the Pines to St Michael Chapel . From this point I don’t remember anything. My husband told me that I started to run to the village, something that had been impossible for me a couple minutes ago, then I arrived at the Posada and I slept about 3 hours. I had never slept during the days before. When I woke up, I did not feel any pain, I could get up from bed by myself and go to the bathroom..etc…. It was a great suprise for my husband and daughter. A couple days after, I went to Tarragona with family, I felt well like never before. Since that day, I have never had pain anymore.
On August 31st, 2012, I had the annual examination with my doctor in Granada, but strangely the Hospital could not find my clinical history. The Doctor was quiet angry and told me to continue to take my medicine and to see him back in one year as usual. I did not tell him that I no longer feel pain.
When I returned on the day of the appointment (July 16th 2013), they started to analyse me as usual and the result suprised everybody. The hospital found the clinical history they had lost and they compared both results, the Doctors said : IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. The results of my test were incredible. Eventhough I felt completly well, the Doctors said the disseases were in remission, they could not believe I was cured as they had seen my previous situation a year ago.
Question : Why are you in Garabandal today (August 2013) ?
Because I am happy here and I want to give thanks again to our Lady, and to show the Clinical documents to the Priest of Garabandal, Father Rolando.
My Comment : I saw myself the Clinic documents and the Lady is totally cured today, my wedding and her smile have been the light of my stay in Garabandal, for the Glory of our Lady of Garabandal and for her Glory only, I decided to share with you, this testimony.
The rest of my stay has been full of surprises as usual, good and bad but it's Garabandal, a Unique place, I am use to say to my relatives and family when they ask me where are you going for holiday this summer Aviso ? I am going to see my Mother and it is most of the time my answer, so I saw our Lady of Garabandal and prayed her each day of my stay but I am back with AN EMERGENCY CALL, please and if it's not done yet, BE PREPARED, BE READY, all is in the messages of our Lady of Garabandal, please read them again and don't hesitate to share them with your Families and relatives, don't wait any more.
Also and Soon, an exclusive interview of Father Rolando, the Current Priest of Garabandal, he answered to all my questions, it's a man of God but also a man of freedom, he married us with love and emotion as our wedding has been a unique case for him, please Pray for him as well, the interview is still in Garabandal and will be sent to me with his signature soon but in any case and if for different reasons, the interview was not sent, I have his answers in memory and my memory is very good, the interview has been translated in Spanish by a German Priest who helped me to question Father Rolando, the interview took place in the Church of Garabandal, he replied to me orally but I asked him to write his answers and to sign the list of my questions, stay online.
Soon an Exclusive Interview of the Priest of Garabandal

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