Monday, December 24, 2012

[Video] CHASTISEMENT IS COMING so SOON per Conchita!!!



  1. Isn't Joey supposed to get his eyesight back and how about the sign in the pines? Isn't that supposed to happen before the major chastisement?

  2. Something is suppose to happen, ( right before) these events take place, that will cause those who believed in Garabandal to no longer believe. I'm not encouraging speculation or unhealthy curiosity, which can lead to an unhealthy spiritual balance. But there is a possibility Joey may not live to see the Great Miracle. Or perhaps, the Vatican will make a claim discouraging believers in the hope of the events of Garbandal's mercy. Regardless, when this happens it's best to continue to believe and do all that heaven requests from us, through the messages of Garabandal, b/c the messages are rooted in responding to the holy faith.

  3. It's my understanding one of the Garabandal seers mentioned something discouraging will happen "right before" the Garabandal events, that will cause believers in Garabandal to no longer believe. I'm not encouraging unhealthy speculation or unhealthy curiosity conversation. However there is a possibility Joey may die right before the Warning. Or perhaps the Vatican may strongly discourage us to believe in the events. Regardless when this discouragement happens, it's best to continue to respond to the messages of Our Lady of Garabandal, b/c responding to God through the holy messages is a reminder of how to live in faith and hope and love, in a holy response to heaven, and parallels to the teachings in the faith of the holy Catholic Church.
    -Cyndi (I can't log in with a username)


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