Friday, August 10, 2012


This article is dated but is still a good read, especially for those whose faith in the Events of Garabandal are wavering . . . 

 When Our Lord first announced the great mystery of the Eucharist, (that His followers would eat His Body and drink His Blood) most left Him. Even the apostles were stunned. And Jesus said: "Will you, too, go away?" (St. John 6:67)
Immediately one must wonder: But why did He not EXPLAIN at least to His "own" what He meant?

Moved by THE HOLY SPIRIT, as Jesus pointed out, Peter gave the answer of faith: "You alone have the words of eternal life." (St. John 6:68)
The fact that we do not always understand is a poor reason not to believe in something we otherwise perceive to be true.

Approval of the Church
One should not doubt Garabandal just on the grounds that "it has not been approved by the Church."
During the second Vatican Council in Rome the then Bishop of Fatima asked the Bishop of Santander how he "felt" about the Garabandal events. And the Bishop ( who was responsible for the events of Garabandal) answered:
"We must wait for the miracle."

                         The Second Vatican Council, assembled in St. Peter's Basilica.

We do not know what else the two Bishops discussed, but we know that from then on the Bishop of Fatima ardently believed in Garabandal. On a visit to America he privately made arrangements to meet Conchita, the primary visionary of Garabandal. At his request Conchita gave the Bishop a ring, asking that he mention it in his will so that it would be returned. And three weeks before the Bishop died, ever conscious of this precious  tie with Conchita and knowing his death was near, he sent the ring back to her.
No one could understand the dilemma of the Bishop of Santander better than the Bishop of Fatima. But that is another whole story.
The ultimate reason why the Church CANNOT approve Garabandal at the present time is because Our Lady has announced proof yet to take place: A MIRACLE to be seen by thousands.
The Church cannot give approval before the proof.

Do Not Miss Out!
If you do not believe, well and good. But it is to be hoped you will not miss out on this great wonder in progress at this very moment, perhaps coming soon to its great climax, for the wrong reasons.
There is much evidence that the apparitions of Garabandal are authentic, backed by the findings and opinions of Bishop Del Val who clearly asserted that Garabandal "had not been condemned," and the first Bishop of Santander who said: "We must wait for the miracle."
We do not have to believe in any private revelation even AFTER it is approved by the Church. But we must believe in what we perceive to be true. And in light of all the evidence we should not dismiss that Our Lady of Mount Carmel has appeared at Garabandal just because we must wait for a promised miracle or we cannot understand the meaning of all She has said.

Bishops Against Bishops
The statement which seems to have raised most doubts about the events of Garabandal is that Cardinals, Bishops and priests would be in opposition. Bishop Del Val, who conducted the last investigations of Garabandal (which was in his  diocese) said that this was the one difficulty he found, and that it was a question which still bothered him.
Indeed it bothers us all. For that reason it is helpful that we hear almost identical words used by Our Lady in Her apparitions in Akita, Japan, apparitions which despite the seriousness of the messages given has been approved by the Church.

Infiltrate Into the Church

At Akita Our Lady said: "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres , , ,"
John Paul II "Last Pope"
Another statement in the messages of Garabandal which many find "difficult" is that after Pope John XXIII there would be only three more Popes. That would make John Paul II the "last Pope" of these times. There are several possible explanations.
First, Our Lady could have been speaking of THESE TIMES as distinguished from the era of Her great promise, after the chastisement. Indeed, how can we imagine what it is going to be like in that time when "My Immaculate Heart will triumph and an era of peace will be granted to mankind"? ( This is the promise of Our Lady of Fatima.)
Second, Our Lady could have been referring to a time when a conclave would not be possible, such as a time of world wide disturbances. Then there would be a prolonged vacancy of the Chair of Peter, which has already happened in past history.
Third, (and this is what many Christians outside the Church are saying), Jesus might manifest Himself to unite all into one flock, of which He is the One True Shepherd.
At Fatima and in other apparitions Our Lady is saying that the times are grave and that great changes are coming. They will come by Grace or by Fire, or both. But they are coming. And as to the exact meaning of all Her words, we just do not know. But not knowing the meaning is no reason for denying or doubting what She said. There is an element of mystery.
When Pope John Paul II, after a leg fracture finally came out of the hospital and spoke for the first time in four weeks on May 29, 1994, in St. Peter's Square, His Holiness said that he had been suffering, as he had 13 years before when he was shot in that same square. He added:
"At the beginning of my Pontificate he (cardinal Wyszynski) said to me: 'If the Lord called you, you must lead the Church into the third millennium.' I understood that I have to lead Christ's Church into the third millennium by prayer, by various programs, but I saw that this was not enough: she must be led by suffering."
Repeatedly throughout his Pontificate the Pope has exhorted the Church TO BE IN ADVENT WITH MARY for the third millennium. Just stop and think: What does "advent" mean?

All the World Will be Communist
Another statement at Garabandal which might cause wonder is that all the world will be communist. But if we enter into the mind and into the Heart of Our Lady we find the explanation in Her prophecy of Fatima:
"If my requests are not heard, Russia will spread her errors THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD . . ." Her requests were not heard. And the SPIRIT OF ATHEISM has permeated the ENTIRE WORLD. It has already happened.
Lucia said Her collegial consecration (necessary condition for the changes in Russia), which was made March 25, 1984, was "too late" in the sense that it had not come in time to prevent the message and spirit of atheism to permeate into every nation on earth.
Several generations of the millions in Eastern Europe were raised in atheism. Joined to those in Asia we are speaking of two BILLION actually raised as atheists. But think what has happened in the rest of the world, for example in the "Christian-Judaco" United States where now the name of God cannot be mentioned in schools.

Not For the Wrong Reasons!
Many missed the miracle of Fatima because the events of Fatima had not then been approved by the Church, overlooking the fact that they could not be approved BEFORE the proof Our Lady promised.
If there is to be another great miracle, there are many reasons we might miss it. But they should not be the wrong ones.