Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 17

Narration of María Elisa Salceda

María Elisa Salceda, 12 years old, from Aguilar de Campoo, said this:

The girls gave rosaries and medals belonging to some people who were there to be kissed.

In this vision they made some movements as though they were putting on crowns and passing them to each other. They also spoke of a girl who had been in Santander, saying that she had cut her hair and that she was uglier.

“All of the girls’ words were recorded by a tape recorder. When this vision ended, the man with the recorder told them to tell what they had seen.”

“The girls answered that they’d seen the Virgin, and that she wore a white dress and a blue mantle.”

“They were describing it when they had the second vision. In the second vision the girls said: ‘We have an apparatus that records words so we can hear them later.’”

“A little later the girls said: ‘You speak—why won’t you speak?’ And then the second vision ended.”

“The man with the megaphone said that we would hear what had been recorded on the tape. When the tape finished, when they said: ‘Why don’t you speak?’ There was a voice that all of us heard, which answered: ‘No, I won’t speak.’”

“The girls were very happy and they said: ‘She spoke to us.’ They played the tape for the second time, but we didn’t hear the voice saying: ‘No, I won’t speak,’ again.”