Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 12

"They cut her hair"

Narration of Mr. Jerónimo Díez Serrano

Mr. Jerónimo Díez Serrano, 38 years old, from Cabezón de Liébana, a province of Santander, said the following:

“I heard a little. I was in the Pines. I saw that one man put a microphone up to the girls. Some people said not to go near so they wouldn’t be bothered. There were two girls.”

“When the girls finished speaking, they told the man that they heard some gossip and that the two girls laughed when they heard the things they had talked about with the Virgin. One said to the other: ‘You said it, etc.’ And then they began to say that they had seen her with a blue mantle and a crown and with the Child. They said the same thing to each other.

“A spectator said: ‘Have you seen the angel with a sword?’ The girls said: ‘No, this is a lie, we haven’t seen any sword.’ At that moment the Virgin called the girls again and took them with the microphone still in hand. A spectator said: ‘Take it from her!’ They tried but they couldn’t do it.”

“They stayed with their backs to the Pines, and they said to one another: ‘You say to speak,’ they said it many times until it ended.”

“And it was then that they played the tape and I heard the conversation and heard some words that they said: ‘Conchita has come, and she’s ugly!’ They cut her hair, and her skin was dark, she’d been to the beach, etc.”

“In these moments I separated a little and then returned and they were still talking on the tape. It arrived at the end when she said: ‘No, I won’t speak.’ The voice was smooth. To me, it seemed to be a woman’s voice, refined, and it made me wonder to hear the girls say to one another: ‘Oh! We have spoken to the Virgin.’ This is what made me wonder the most.”

“What voice left when the tape ended.”