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Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 6

7th Diary

August 1, 1961—Third Vision


Third vision—they offered medals and stones. They said: “Caracas.” They held the Child. They showed a paper that had the lyrics of the songs to St. Michael. Mari Cruz took the crowns on the balcony.

August 1, 1961

Third Vision:

It took place at 3:45 in the afternoon. In order to give a more complete report of this Vision I’ve transcribed Fr. Luís’ notes and combined them with Fr. Cipriano Abad’s notes as well as those of Fr. Andrés Pardo. I’ve added clarifications and convenient additions to them since I was also a witness of this vision.

“After 2:15 we were together, when we went up to follow the girls. They waited there playing with the public. At 3:44 Jacinta entered the Vision, then Loli after a second.

They showed rosaries, offered them, and gave medals to be kissed. They asked for two kisses. They offered stones to be kissed and said:

“For Victoriano, for Amelia, for Ricardo, for Francisco, for Severiano, this one. This one for that one, for this priest’s brother. This is for the brother. For Ceferino. For Miliuca. For María Jesús.”

Loli crossed her hands in front of her chest. She moved her white fingers erratically.

Note: On this occasion, the white fingers like this came from having her fingers interlaced in her two hands and squeezing. Other times, she held her hands lazily.

J: “Should we pray a station? Loli was in front and I was behind. This one was for the wealthy man and this one (she gave a stone). I don’t know who it is for. Oh! Where? Where is this priest? In the Canary Islands, I was going to say—how, how? This in—I don’t know. You said it. Caracas! (One of the people in the road had said this in a low voice). I know that it was something about the Canary Islands or Caracas.”

Note: This scene impressed everyone present because the allusion was that Fr. Cipriano Abad had come from Caracas and that he was going to return there. This was the exact reference. The girl struggled to remember the name of the city. One of the people present said something to another person in a low voice. All of these words began upon arriving and hearing the girls. However, the girls didn’t catch it and continued struggling to find the name without succeeding. Several seconds passed while a person begged of them: “You say it.” There was a silence in which they were listening, the two at once, while they smiled, pronouncing with extraordinary clarity the word “Caracas.” This impressed the people because they “saw” like the girls “heard” this word from the Vision. At the same time they were accused of hearing it at the same time.

“Her name is Valeriana, but they call her Vale. Severino and Ceferina went to eat and didn’t return.”

“I think I’ll bring a medal.”

J: “Oh! You’ll bring the Child now, will you leave him with me a little? Now, will you leave him with me?” (She gestured to take him and give two kisses). “Do you want him, Loli?” (Loli took him).

Note: When they take the Child, we always observe a gesture of receiving through the movement of the arms upon feeling the weight. First they go down a little and then they rise up a little.

“This is your song, St. Michael. Bring him so that…”

J: “Put the lyrics for you. Like this.”

“Francís wrote it.”

Note: During the time that we were at the Pines, he wrote the lyrics to sing to St. Michael. They showed it to the Virgin. Because of this they said to reverse the lyrics. They all manipulated it without stopping looking at the Vision.

“We were going to put the glasses on. They were the student’s and the priest’s—should we take them off?”

Note: This allusion refers to the sun glasses. One pair belonged to Fr. Andrés Pardo, and the other belonged to Fr. Ramón. They had left them with the illusion that they made them and in the middle of winning the confidence of the girls to obtain a response to the questions that they made.

“They sing to St. Michael. They bless themselves and make the sign of the cross as though they’re seeing who did it. They pray a Station. Loli leads it with the new form of the Hail Mary. Loli gets confused during the second Our Father, when she forgets to say the Gloria. She passes her hand over her eyes. They don’t move. They have prayed six Our Fathers. Then they pray to the Guardian Angel. Then they pray a Salve to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Then they pray a Creed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They bless themselves and make the sign of the cross again.

J: “I’m going to take another stone for Fr. Valentín; he told me that the other was very small.”

“Don’t go.”

J: “Loli, give me the crown, Loli. How does it look on me? It’s large on me. Now the Child’s. It won’t go any lower. Loli made a drawing of a Priest.”

Note: These sentences, as in all of them that I cite from dialogues such as this one, are not pronounced one after the other, but have pauses, sometimes very long pauses. The allusion to the drawing of the priest refers to the time that we were in the Pines before this vision and Loli painted a picture on a paper which she said was Fr. Ramón. I saved this picture on the paper that the girl painted. Jacinta alludes to this in her sentence.

Loli’s face seemed to be of stone. They passed hands in front of her face and she didn’t blink. At 4 there was total silence. They looked fixedly. They passed hands again and she didn’t blink. Loli withdrew her hands into her chest. Jacinta had her arms crossed. Loli almost lost her balance. Jacinta and Loli blessed themselves and made the sign of the cross as though seeing who did it.

At 4:04 Jacinta said: “Oh, she left.” The Vision ended.

The document that Fr. Luís combined with Fr. Andrés Pardo’s notes and Fr. Cipriano Abad’s notes ends with these words. Fr. Luís’s, Fr. Andrés Pardo’s, and Fr. Ramón’s notebooks and notes were like this as of August 1st.