Monday, February 27, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 4

6th Diary

August 1st—1st and 2nd Visions.


Schedule. First Vision. Second Vision. The tendency of the priests. She formulates a Hail Mary. We have St. Michael. Does the Virgin pray the Hail Mary? They give medals to be kissed. They give stones to be kissed. To go to the field or to see the Virgin? There is the sensation that time passes quickly. They sing the Hail Mary. The scapular. Black eyebrows and long hair. The student’s stone. You don’t tire of kissing?

August 1, 1961

Combining Fr. Luís María’s notes, Fr. Andrés Pardo’s notes, and my own notes, as well as Fr. Valentín Marichalar’s personal diary, we obtain the following vision from August 1, 1961.

First Vision: Time: 10:44am

Place: the Pines

Seers: Jacinta and Loli

Source: Fr. Valentín Marichalar’s diary

Finished: 11:15am

Second Vision: Time: 12:14pm

Place: the Pines

Seers: Jacinta and Loli

Source: combined document

Finished: 1:10pm

Third Vision: Time: 3:45pm

Place: the Pines

Seers: Jacinta and Loli

Source: combined document

Finished: 4:04pm

According to Fr. Valentín’s diary, Mari Cruz had an ecstasy in the balcony of her house that lasted 20 minutes.

First Vision

According to Fr. Valentín’s diary, the ecstasy began at 10:44am and lasted until 11:15am. I don’t have any references other than the diary. I will cite it, what it refers to.

August 1st

Loli and Jacinta went to the Pines after Mass. They received Communion at Mass and the apparition began at 10:44 and ended at 11:15.

They prayed a Station with the Virgin in front of them. They gave stones to be kissed. It seemed like the Virgin said that they’d given her enough and Jacinta said: “Look, only this one.” She had already given six to be kissed. She put on the crown, gave medals to be kissed, and Loli stayed a few minutes longer. It ended at 11:15.

(This is all I have that makes reference to the Vision).