Monday, January 30, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 17

Second Manifestation

It came suddenly. The girls stayed on their knees in front of the Pines. Next to the Pines, with their backs to the scene, on opposite sides, were the child “witnesses.” Jacinta and Loli were on their knees in front of them and facing the Pines.

In the distance we heard something the girls said, but we didn’t understand anything. One of their mothers said: “They’re crying.” We also heard the kisses that they gave in the air, as though they were kissing something.

After a few minutes, about four, the pastor called to Mari Carmen, a child witness. She came slowly and when she arrived we asked her: “What are they saying?” She answered indifferently: “That she shouldn’t tell them bad things.” Sometimes she spoke of these bad things or sad things, probably the announcement of the punishment for sins, which was in the message of October 18, 1961. It made them cry.


Mari Carmen

Jacinta and María Dolores were on their knees with their heads slightly lifted, looking at the same place. It’s as though they had their glance stuck to something. One of them inclined forward a little bit, but not much. They looked for stones, acted as though they were going to rub them on the grass, as though they were cleaning them a little bit. They offered them. One of them, Loli, seemed as though she was going to fall backwards. When Loli oscillated, the other girl threw her arm to her shoulder, but not always. All of this happened without them moving their glances or their faces. They never looked at one another.

One of the girls made a gesture of putting on a crown. She passed it to the other girl and that one put it on. Loli gave a slap, extending to fall backwards, and Jacinta grasped her. They looked for stones, feeling for them. The two girls offered them to the Vision. All of this happened without them removing their glances from what they were seeing in front of them.

They lifted their hands as though they were offering something. One of them crossed her arms. They lifted their arms as though they were taking something. We heard some kisses. They stretched out their arms, smiled, heard something and cried.

After 11 minutes they returned to the normal state. We ran to them and we observed that one of the girls still had tears on her face. We asked: “Why are you crying?” But they didn’t say why.

Upon asking who they had seen, they said: “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel,” and they also explained to us, saying: “We had the Virgin’s crown.”

Among the notes that I took on this same day, I have this observation: “When they’re not in the trance they’re absolutely normal girls. Their family members are nervous, not knowing what to do. The only ones who are calm are the girls.”

The summary that appears in Fr. Luís’s notes, combined with those belonging to Fr. Cipriano Abad and Andrés Pardo is this:

“I approached the children, running. I saw that Loli was crying. I asked her why she was crying. She didn’t respond to me. I asked her again: “Who have you seen?”—“We saw Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. We had the Virgin’s crown.” I asked her to ask the Virgin for a sign, for them to ask her. They didn’t respond.”