Monday, December 19, 2011

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 9

Receiving the Sacrament from the Angel’s Hands

In Fr. Luís’s 2nd notebook it says: “When Fr. Valentín is here they don’t receive communion. On the other days the Angel gives them the sacrament.”

Through some interrogations of the girls, we have obtained the information that these communions have taken place from the beginning—during the month of July and some other occasions. The Archangel gave them communion, but not on the days that they received the sacrament from Fr. Valentín.

The Actions of the Pastor in the First Weeks

Fr. Valentín Marichalar took serious notice of what happened and when he established these phenomena for himself from what he could see, and he went to inform the Bishop in Santander. At this time the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese was his Excellence the Reverend Fr. Doroteo Fernández, who had been the Auxiliary to Fr. José in his last years of life.

I have heard him refer to Fr. Valentín, but I’m going to cite lines from Fr. Luís’s 2nd notebook.

“On Tuesday, I (the pastor) went up and saw them having a vision. I went to the Bishop, and he told me to go up and control the situation a little.”

He went to the Bishop with the matter of the secret. He returned to the Bishop when the girls were seeing a vision in two places. The Bishop told him that they should ask for a clear sign from the Virgin.

Fr. Muñoz from Comillas was there and said: “I can’t be sure that this is supernatural, but to say that it isn’t extraordinary would be imprudent. I’ll write to him in Latin so that he’ll be calm.”