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In 1939, she founded the Little Sisters, and later the Little Brothers, of Mary Mother of the Redeemer, an Institute of consecrated life approved by Rome in 1989. The Motherhouse is at Saint-Aignan-sur- Roe (Laval, France). Miraculously cured at Lourdes in 1929, Mother Mary of the Cross was stigmatized and possessed also several other mystical gifts. Her basic spiritual charism was centered on "Mary, the Associate par excellence of the Redeemer." She would die on April 9, 1999, "Friday of the Easter Week," a very significant day for her, indeed!

In 1982, Mary of the Cross let Dr. Jean Caux and Jacques Serre know that she "was praying every day for the visionaries of San Sebastian de Garabandal," expressing also her wish to "be kept informed about the progress of the work and the 'cause' of Garabandal." In 1990, the religious Foundress would reveal, through her Sister secretary, that: "We are now going to enter into the era of purifications": was not that referring also to the very difficult "time of the Pre-Aviso"?

Unfortunately, we are unable to have a photo of this discreet mystic. Undoubtedly because "her life represents a mystery of Love for the Church and the world in prayer, in suffering and self-sacrifice, but all in God's secret. We respect her total Marian silence; we worship God's designs before which we are so small . . ." (Excerpts from a letter dated August 7, 1995, from Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, Mother Mary of the Cross's secretary, to Jacques Serre).
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 225]

Here's another one of those unknown saints of Almighty God, silently doing His work on earth and totally invisible from our eyes. How many are there today? Our Lady often speaks about Her consecrated souls, Her "White Army" She calls them. United with Her Immaculate Heart, they are saving souls and also holding back God's justice, which, as Mother Mary has said, would have been unleashed on the world already . . .

Are you a victim soul? Do you consecrate yourself daily to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary? Do you offer up your entire day, with all its toils and troubles, all your prayers and works for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Then you are part of Our Lady's "White Army", no matter what state of life you are in, what race of people you come from, or the color of your skin! God bless you and pray for me!
Deacon  John

Marthe Robin was a victim soul, a stigmatic, a willing victim of love who had imprinted upon her own body the sacred wounds of the Crucified One. In October of 1925 Marthe had made a decision that would direct the course of her life as a victim soul: she voluntarily offered up her sufferings in union with Mary for the sake of helping Christ to save souls who had sinned and needed atonement for their transgressions.