Monday, September 20, 2010


Pope Benedict XVI


"The Last three Popes"
Large snowflakes were falling in the early morning of December 20, 1962, when the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, during an apparition of ninety minutes, revealed to Conchita that "after Pope John (XXIII), there will come three other Popes and after . . . there will be no more. No, four, for one of them would not really count, the Blessed Virgin told me!" For several years, Conchita kept secret this prophetic allusion to the rule of an illegitimate and false-pope, or of an anti-pope. She confided it only in 1965, to Albrecht Weber, to whom she also told that, at the same apparition (December 20, 1962), the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel revealed to her that "one of the three (legitimate Popes yet to come after John XXIII, would have a very short Pontificate." John Paul I undoubtedly! It was also explained on that Thursday to the visionary, that "after the last Pope will come the end of the times, which is not the end of the world." These formidable revelations would again be the main item on the agenda, on June 3, 1963, the very day Pope John XXIII died!
[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 160]

The mystery deepens and the prophecies are getting harder to understand! Does this one about the Popes shake you up? Only time will tell what it all means. We certainly went through 3 Popes after John XXIII; Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II. Now we are in the reign of Benedict XVI.
Well, actually there was a man in Spain who claimed to be the Pope, and that all the others were false. Here's a newsclip about him:

"The media overlooked the passing on March 22, 2005 of the Pope Gregory XVII - the first "antipope" since Renaissance times - at his see in southern Spain. This controversial character presided over a thriving orthodox catholic church (for want of a better term) that embraced the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass and other ceremonies and beliefs done away with by that assembly of prelates in the 1960s. With millions of dollars in his treasury, a monumental basilica and bishops all over Spain and even in the United States, Gregory XVII had excommunicated John Paul II early on, accusing the Bishop of Rome of being the true "antipope" (one of the first items of business for the Council of El Palmar, held in October 1980).
Before stepping into his papal slippers, Gregory XVII had been Clemente Domínguez, better known in the media as "el papa Clemente", eternally linked to the alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin at El Palmar de Troya in the community of Utrera (Seville)."


So we had the three Popes and now what? I believe that during the reign of Benedict XVI we will see the climax of the Garabandal prophecies and that will be "the end of the times" as Our Lady said, and the beginning of the new Era for mankind, a time of peace and brotherhood, that was promised by Our Lady at Fatima!!! Are you ready for all this? It's gonna be a whirlpool of spectacular events, so hold on to your hat!!!
Deacon John