Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Follow-up Article on the Russian Threat to the World:

21st century communism--and the Cold War's unresolved issues
By Wes Vernon

Why should we be surprised to learn of a massive Russian spy ring in the United States? The Soviet Union is gone, but...

1 — The old KGB agent who wields the power in the Russian Federation appears determined to avenge the loss of the Soviet empire. Oh, the humiliation of it all! Especially at the hands of that American "movie cowboy"!
2 — President Obama — whose administration is crawling with communists, socialists, terrorist-enabling excusers, and other extremists — apparently was well aware of the Russian spy case at the very time he and Vladimir Putin's sidekick — President Dmitry Medvedev — were chowing down American burgers across the river from the White House, but said nothing about it.

3 — Meanwhile, Islamofascist terrorist groups threaten to bring down the West in part, by slaughtering innocent Americans. 9/11 was the precursor of what lies in store. In 1986, a United Nations delegate, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, had just written a book 
Terrorism: How the West Can Win. The Cold War was still on in '86 and that was the focus. But Netanyahu (who knew that he would eventually be Israel's prime minister?) told this writer in a radio interview that we should understand the Soviet Union had bankrolled startups and operations of some of the most vile Islamist terror groups in the world. Hezbollah today has been cited as an example.
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