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Book of the Year!

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CUMMING, Ga (February 15, 2010) - A new book that compares the prophecies of the Bible, especially concerning the latter times, with the heavenly apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our times, has been receiving positive acclaim, and is even being called the "Book of the Year". The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, written by theologian and college professor, Dr. Kelly Bowring, has recently been released through Two Hearts Press, LLC .

Though it is rare for such a book on modern-day prophecy to receive official Church recognition, Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal of the Philippines has granted Dr. Bowring's new book on biblical and modern prophecy the Church's official imprimatur. Cardinal Vidal, who is considered an expert on Marian prophecy and teaching, was uniquely qualified to have reviewed and approved this book, and he determined that it is free from error concerning faith and morals. The Cardinal's secretary, Rev. Fr. Vincent Balili, even expressed his hope for the success of the new book, stating, "May this book reach as many people as possible."

Bowring's book, on a subject that is usually not without its controversy, has been receiving a good deal of positive acclaim and 5-star reviews. His new book is already in its second printing within the first six months of its publication. Jerry Morin, director of the evangelistic organization, Servants to the World, has called it the BOOK OF THE YEAR! Morin further offered his advice to potential readers of the book, saying, "I recommend you get this book and read it. I would even go so far as to say I implore you to read it." Fr. Neil Buchlein, Pastor of Ascension Church in Hurricane, West Virginia, who is host of the Internet blog, Blessed Mother's Children, promised his blog's readers that Bowring's book is "a book that you will read more than once." He continued in assurance, saying, "You have my word!" Describing his own experience of the book, Fr. Neil continued, stating, "I COULD NOT put it down. It kept my interest from beginning to end."

And then he added: "Do yourself a favor and get this book. I promise you will not be disappointed." Another Internet blog host, Deacon John Giglio, offered his praise of Bowring's book with a eye-catching headline on his blog that read: "Highly Recommended Book! A Must Read!" Readers have also been calling it the best book ever written on the subject of Marian prophecy in our times. Anthony P. Rocha of Bay City, Michigan, said he could not put the book down. After describing himself as an avid reader in this subject area, and after reading it in a single day, he described in his own words his review of the book on one book seller's website: "The BEST book that I have read in the last 5 years, possibly, in the last 10!" Another reader, David T. Little, who is president of the World St. Thomas More Society, as well said that the book is "a real page-turner that will inspire you," and then added, "I cannot praise it enough".

Covering prophecies of the latter times, a topic of increasing interest to Christians in recent years, Professor Bowring's new book seems likely to become even more popular and far-reaching in influence and awareness. Deacon John Giglio, wrote on his blog, thinking aloud, "This book will probably sell like 'hot cakes'". Bowring's book discusses the major heavenly apparitions as reported around the world especially during the past century, including places like Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal, and Medjugorje. These places have received millions of pilgrims since becoming religious shrines. He shows how they all point to one central warning concerning the times we are quickly approaching.

He writes how the Blessed Mother of Jesus at Garabandal has specifically prophesied about a global divine act of God's mercy, called "the Warning", which will soon be granted to every person in the world at the same time, and which will come in the form of an "illumination of conscience" or a "mini-judgment". He also discusses how Our Lady at Medjugorje speaks of "ten secrets" that will soon take place as punishment to the world if it does not convert and turn away from what John Paul II used to call the "culture of death". He wonders in his book if we are not living in times a thousand times worse than the Flood of Noah.

While relating these heavenly messages of Jesus and His heavenly Mother to the Book of Revelation in the Bible, Bowring's new book shows with clear evidence from solid sources that we really are living in apocalyptic times, which are being prepared for by unprecedented and most important apparitions, visions, and messages from Heaven, all in unison, calling humanity to prepare for the final battle between good and evil. His book answers the often asked questions about our times: Why is the world in so much turmoil today? What is going to happen in the near future? Are we living in the time of the Apocalypse? What is Heaven saying to us about our times?

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