Friday, October 2, 2009

I just found this Dutch article about the Garabandal Miracle:

Translated from Dutch by Google:

The miracle of Garabandal

Oct 1st 2009Hans Labohm Climate

People sometimes ask me if I'm not tired to write about climate. The answer is 'no'. Climate is the 'big story' of our time. The 'rescue' of climate policy requires that in many areas and requires great sacrifices of our deep impact on our political, economic and social life. Everyone has to do it everyday. Climate is similar to the 'isms' (socialism, communism, Nazism and fascism) of the last century. Did we just time enough attention to it. That was probably suffering we can save.

But now something quite different: the miracle of San Sebastian de Garabandal. What was that again? Just refresh the memory.
A long time ago - before the creation of DDS - Marcel Haenen wrote about in NRC HB:

     The return of Jesus Christ by the year 2010 will be a reality, predicts former top official Prof. F. Rutten.
     Barendrecht, March 15. It is perhaps a little mad about that understands Professor Frans Rutten (66) also. As if Rutten Lord will put pressure. Because, as was the economist this week in a newsletter known as next year on April 11 in the Spanish village of Garabandal not he predicted "wondrous clarion call" can be observed that heralds the return of Jesus, will step down as editor and Rutten Chairman of the Catholic Information Institute (IKI). Then he is "a marsh fire" proved.
     "It's not that I want to challenge God," says Rutten. The exact theological predictions have "an administrative reasons". Rutten, 1973 and 1990 Secretary-General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and former Chairman of the Scientific Council for Government Policy, wants his countrymen to mobilize time. Ensure that the traditional Dutch infidel comfortably next year on the first row in the Spanish village of San Sebastian de Garabandal "a very great wonder to see lasting fifteen minutes. The Americans have been because he "paid fat" to be in time to book a place on flights to Spain.
     "There the sky indicate that a decisive period in the history of mankind has come. The phenomenon is more spectacular than the spin on its axis as that of the Sun in 1917 in Fatima in Portugal to see. And in a grove will remain a symbol, "says Rutten. Then Jesus will between 2005 and 2010 in the manner described in the Gospels return to earth.

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So pulled Rutten on the date indicated by a number - some older - followers to Garabandal for the miracle to behold. After all wheelchairs the hill had been dragged to fully enjoy the spectacle, the wait was blown. And what happened eventually? Absolutely nothing.

The frightening thing is that a seemingly sober and wise man, which the pillars of our bureaucracy was counted and carried great social responsibility, such strange and irrational beliefs cherished. But Rutten was a loner, had few followers and his ideas had little or no social consequences. This in stark contrast to ... ...

Ouch! Now I had something close again on the impending climate crisis began.