Monday, August 24, 2009

An Incredible Healing Story from Australia

Fr.  Benac S. J.

By Roland Otto

I am writing this testimony in appreciation for everyone who
has prayed for me during my illness. My name is Roland Otto, I
am married to Joy and have four grown-up children. Originally
from Durban, South Africa, I have lived in Melbourne for
twenty-three years. In 2008 I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer
with a P.S.A. reading of 1106, the normal reading is between 1
– 5. The medical diagnosis was dire. The cancer has spread to
my bones and into my brain. My doctor had told me as delicately
as possible that my wife, Joy, had to nurse me until the end.

The word of my condition had spread and people were praying for
me in Queensland, New SouthWales, Western Australia and South Africa,
none more passionately than my own family. My sister, Helene, married
to Geoff Pandy, has grown up with the Kissane family in Brisbane, was
also on the prayers. Geoff, by the way, spoke at the Second Garabandal
conference held in Brisbane in 1984 when Father Benac S.J. was the key
note speaker.

Tony, on hearing of my condition, kindly sent me a Garabandal Relic
which contained a piece of Missal kissed by Our Lady at Garabandal
with the promise that “through this kiss My Son Jesus will perform
miracles”. I placed the relic around my neck and would hold it tenderly
as I said the Rosary every night. I had been saying the Rosary every night
and sometimes during the day since the 24th December 2008.

I opened my eyes, and there she was, standing in the middle of my
bed, between my wife and I, on my left side, with her face less than two
feet from mine. I looked into her hazel eyes and said “It is the Virgin
Mary”. She gave me the biggest smile. I looked around my room and
realized I was not dreaming. She held her hands as if she was about
to receive Holy Communion. She plunged her hands into my chest. I
was not afraid, I had a sense of calm all over my body. I felt her hands go
through my stomach into my pelvic area in a wiping, scooping motion. I
opened my eyes. She said to me, “I am not taking all of it, you must get
rid of the rest”.

When I awoke the next morning I felt very different, better than I had
felt in years. I told my wife what had happened during the night. She
replied, “You are very blessed”. The following day I had another
blood test. When I saw the doctor, he couldn’t give me the results due
to a black out in the area, however he did phone when he had the results.
He said “This is quite amazing, it is quite incredible really, your count is
46”. It had dropped from 1106 to 46.

I know that happened immediately after Mother Mary had visited me.
I see my Oncologist on the 4th June 2009, am waiting to hear what
he has to say. My PSA count is now down to 1.3. I have a print out of my
blood count history, CT and MRI scans verifying the extent of my

I have offered my services to the Lord and will do whatever I can
to praise and glorify His Precious Name. I endeavour to say the Rosary
every night and ask God to bless all the people who have prayed for me
during my illness.

God bless you all and remember, we are always in the Presence of
the Lord.