Thursday, June 4, 2009

Padre Pio Connection III

Padre Pio and the Prince of the Fallen Angels
In August, 1975, I accompanied Joey Lomangino’s annual pilgrimage to the shrines of Europe. During the tour’s stop at San Giovanni Rotondo, we had the good fortune of dining with Padre Alessio Parente, who took personal care of Padre Pio in the last six years of his life. I said to Padre Alessio, “Is it true that on a few occasions the devil actually came and beat Padre Pio?” He immediately responded, “This is not true! The devil came every day and beat Padre Pio.” He said that when this occurred, the whole monastery would shake. He knew what was happening and would run to Padre Pio’s room only to find him lying on the floor severely beaten and often in a pool of blood.