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The first of the two very remarkable locutions of Christ to Conchita occurred in the village church. Its content is so dense and transparent and of such quality, that we need only, at least for the moment, to read it very attentively:

"As I was giving thanks to God and asking Him for certain things, He replied.
"I asked Him to give me a cross, for I experience no suffering in my life, except that of not having any crosses. As I was asking Him for that, Jesus replied:
"Yes, I will give you a Cross."
Very moved, I kept on asking for other things and I said to Him:
"Why is the Miracle coming? To convert many people?"
And He replied: "to convert the entire world -Para convertir al mundo entero" - [Our Lord was thus indicating the importance of the events of Garabandal.]
"Will Russia be converted?"
"Yes, it will be converted; thus everyone - todos - will love our Hearts."
"Will the chastisement come after that?"
He gave no reply.
"Why do You come into my poor heart without any merit on my part?"
"Because I do not come for you; I come for the whole world."
"When the Miracle takes place, people will think I am the only one to have seen the Blessed Virgin."
He replied: "I let you be the one who, by your sacrifices and patience in trials, will intercede with Me to perform the Miracle."
And I said to Him, "Is it not better that I be with the four or that You take none of us for the intercession?"
And He said, "No."
"Will I go to Heaven?" And He replied, "Will you love our Hearts a great deal and will you pray to them?"
"When will you give me the cross?"
He did not answer me.
"What will I be?"
And He did not reply. He only told me that, wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I will have much to suffer.
And I asked Him, "Will I die soon?"
And He replied, "You must stay on earth to help people."
And I said to Him, "I am of little importance, I will be unable to help You in any way."
"Through your prayers and your suffering, you will help the world."
"When we go to Heaven, are we dead when we go there?"
And He said to me, "One never dies."
I thought that we did not go to Heaven before we rose up again.
I asked Him if St. Peter was at the door to greet us and He said, "No."
When I was thus in prayer or in a conversation with God, I felt I was outside this world.
Jesus told me that "Now more people love My Heart."
On the subject of priests, he told me that I ought to pray a great deal for them, so that they may be saints and fulfill their duty well and make others better. "May they make Me known to those who do not know Me and make Me loved by those who know Me and do not love Me."
[From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 175-176]

Another amazing event in Conchita's life, and like Jesus said, "Through your prayers and your suffering, you will help the world." So many times we ask the question, "What is my life all about? Am I doing anything worthwhile? Will I Go to Heaven?" Conchita had those same questions for Jesus and she was still a child. Most of us have lived many years. We're still looking for the answers. It is good to reflect on Our Lord's words to Conchita, because He is speaking to each one of us. He wants to let us know how happy He is with each one of us as we try to offer all our prayers and sufferings for the conversion of the world. Keep up the good work! Remember we never die, just pass into a new life, a life of joy in God!
Roman Deacon

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