Sunday, May 20, 2007


The four visionaries of Garabandal are: (left to right)
Conchita Gonzalez: 12 years old (February 7, 1949)
Mari-Cruz Gonzalez Madrazo: 11 years old (June 21, 1950)
Jacinta Gonzalez Gonzalez: 12 years old (April 27, 1949)
Maria-Dolores (or Mari-Loli) Mazon Gonzalez: 12 years old (May 1,

Even if they bear the same family name, the four adolescents are not related. They were all born in the village, They know each other well but do not form a "clique." They each have brothers and sisters, except for Mari-Cruz.

Mischievous and very playful, the girls lived happily on the mountain. Nothing made them stand out from the other children of the village. Like them, they shared their time between school and farm work.

At the time of the apparitions, Mari-Loli's father, Ceferino, operated a small grocery store and a bar. On the ground floor, Loli did the cooking, served meals and greeted customers. This was the social and commercial center of the village.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 18]

How innocent and pure these children were in 1961 compared with the rest of the world! Half way around the world I was living in New York City, marrying my bride and living a very worldly lifestyle; motorcycles, new car, new baby (the first one), and working, working, working; making money, money, money! Who thought about God? Who went to church? Not I!

Deacon John